The Hycinian Pencil Forest Mystery

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About Me and The Pencil Storie

Assalaam O Alaikum!

Allah The Almighty gifts us talents and we open our eyes roll, crawl, toddle and stand look around and take so much time to find them out…writing is a gift and so is Love…Allah loves us because He created us all. We should love Him too and the best way is to Thank Him for the wonderful gifts he bestows and to use our talents in the best ways possible for the benefit of all human beings in this world.

I was named Anjum-It means a star, the eight pointed one in the Constellation of Gemini…my present name is Anjum Wasim Dar…by marriage…but I must keep my father’s name so I should be called as Anjum Rashid…well, a name means a lot…it gives an identity, but I had to leave my native land Kashmir and adopt a new one Pakistan…so what shall I say about the name…lets leave that for a moment and move on….

Born in a world of reading and writing I discovered my love of pencils…of all colours, styles and designs…along with crayons of a special kind with a strange aroma,strokes on black paged drawing books…these days the drawing backgrounds have changed drastically …a new world of digitilized computerized tremendous boundless multi dimentional….and so much more…

Pencils filled and spilled out my thoughts ideas emotions and the hidden gifted creativity…I loved reading stories…Dracula Horror, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, adventures of Jason and Hercules, Wonderland of Alice and then Humour of Laurel and Hardy all kept creeping in my heart soul and spirit…fascination of the unknown world of the stars,the milky way and the metaphysics grew side by side

many years later I was called a story teller…and ..then there were the pencils…

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